The fence has two functions: it is a sign of our intellectual and physical means to protect it. This first symbolic function can meet the shaft aligned columns, or even piles of stones. Even subtle signs in space, such as different vegetation maintained, perfectly shorn grass, are a clear sign of the limits of one’s property.

Technical means used are proportionate to the fence to our sense of danger or prevailing custom in a particular place. The fact that in America or the Netherlands most often the only fence in front of the house is the periphery of the lawn or hedge, it means that the men of citizens differently than we assess the possible risks, and not that less care about their property or life. Besides entrust their security to other measures, such as insurance, security, monitoring.

Our fences around homes and estates - high and defense - often express low sense of security. However, this has the side effect. Manifesting lack of trust in the environment causes resentment. Visible wealth protection measures may signal that your home is unique precious things, and provoke thieves.

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